IT experts says "Engineering is incomplete without an Internship and Industry Mentor"  

IT Sector Skill Development Consortium (ISSDC) 

First IT Consortium in India to offer Internship and Industry Mentor for Engineering students.

About ISSDC 

 ISSDC is a professional consortium formed by the IT experts from renowned companies across various domain on a mission to fulfill the career goals of IT Aspirants. The objectives of ISSDC are to mentor the engineering students and prepare them to work on real-time applications.

 Why Internship and Industry Mentor is important for Engineering Students?

Internships gives exposure to the real-world problems and the latest technologies

In today's competitive world, there is nothing more important than an internship. Once they get hands-on experience as part of their curriculum, they feel enriched and ready to enter the real-work scenario with practical skills.

It is essential that every engineering student should have an Industry mentor to build their career and qualify themselves to work on critical projects. Engineering is incomplete without an Internship and Industry mentor

To know more about Industry Mentors and Internships

ISSDC Membership Benefits 

  • 4 weeks Internship on emerging technologies under the industry mentors (Free) 

  • Final year Project on emerging technologies with guidance from Industry mentors (Free)

  • Mock Interviews

  • Skill Assessment and Certificate

  • Coding contest and rewards

  • Webinar on emerging technologies with participation certificate

  • Technical Interview Questions and Answers

  • Practice test (Aptitude and Technical)

  • Connecting meritorious students with HR 

What are the benefits for the Institutions and Students?

Bringing industry experts closer together with the institutions will improve learning outcomes, exposure to the real-world problems and provide top-level engineering prospects with relevant industrial skills.

5 Benefits for the Students

  • Gain practical insights about the field

  • Learn the range of career options in area of study

  • Meet professionals in traditionally underrepresented groups

    • Maximize your full potential as an engineering professional

    • Understand next steps after graduation

      Membership for Students and Institutions.