COTPOT for companies of all size

COTPOT brings the hiring process very simple and fast. Discover and hire the right candidates for your organization.

Well trained
entry-level workforce

Students are trained on real-time application and soft skills to get ready for the workplace. With minimal induction training by the employers, the students would be able to perform better in their jobs.

Talent pool for
technologies of your choice

COTPOT is open to work with corporate on hiring model like Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD), Staffing or any other model of your choice.

How students are prepared for the workplace?

Students are trained on real-time applications in addition to general education starting from the 2nd year and offered Virtual Internship every semester on technologies like Python, C, Data Structures & Algorithm, OOPS, DBMS, MySQL, Internet Programming, UI/UX, JavaScript, Mobile computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IOT, Big data under the supervision of the Industry professionals.

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