Human resource and skill requirements in the Electronics and IT hardware sector

Incremental human resource requirement (2013-22) and skill requirements - NSDC Report

Current workforce of over 4.3 million in 2013 and is expected to reach 8.9 million by 2022

Electronics and IT Hardware is one of the emerging sectors for employment growth in India. Industry currently employs over 4.3 million people across manufacturing, Sales and marketing (including Retail) and Repair & Maintenance segments.
Policy initiatives on promoting manufacturing along with increasing disposable income would drive the growth for the sector. Industry is expected to witness an addition of 4.61 million during 2013-22. Repair and Maintenance segment would contribute to maximum growth of employment.

An analysis of the breakup of workforce by product categories indicates that consumer electronics and household appliances would account for major share of employment currently. Skill requirements have significant variations across product categories especially in Manufacturing and Repair & Maintenance segments


Industry classification in Electronic and IT Hardware

Manufacture of electronic component and semi conducter design

  • Manufacture of electronic capacitors, resistors and similar components
  • Manufacture of electron tubes, diodes, transistors and related discrete devices
  • Manufacture of Integrated Circuits
  • Manufacture of microprocessor

Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment

  • Manufacture of desktop and laptop computers, and computer servers
  • Manufacture of magnetic and optical storage devices
  • Manufacture of monitors and keyboards
  • Manufacture of printers and scanner

Manufacture of communication and broadcasting equipment

  • Manufacture of radio and television studio and broadcasting equipment
  • Manufacture of telephone and facsimile equipment
  • Manufacture of data communications equipment, such as bridges, routers, and gateways
  • Manufacture of pagers, cellular phones and other mobile communication Equipment

Manufacture of consumer electronics

  • Manufacture of televisions, television monitors and displays
  • Manufacture of audio recording and duplicating systems
  • Manufacture of other electronic consumer goods
Sources: National Industrial Classification (NIC) standards 2008, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, NSDC


Dynamic nature of the industry mandates focus on building skills among existing and future workforce in line with the technological changes

Imports expected to touch INR 18 Lakh crore by 2020

Imports are expected to reach INR 18 lakh crore for the INR 24 lakh crore Indian electronics sector. To prevent this, demand for manufacturing jobs in the sector should increase significantly

Moving up the value chain

The electronics manufacturing scene is moving up the value chain — from electronic component and semiconductor designs to consumer/automotive/medical electronics. In the near future, the semiconductor manufacturing segment is likely to increase demand for highly skilled resources

Convergence of technologies

The rise of SMAC (social media, mobility, analytics, cloud) and the convergence of technologies is generating demand for multi-skilled resources — the boundaries between smartphones, computers and tablets are getting blurred with each passing year
There is increasing convergence between industrial and strategic electronics — a workforce skilled on one type can easily move to the other

Mobile devices gaining ground

From consumer to IT to industrial electronics, mobile devices are gaining ground across the entire spectrum of the electronics and IT hardware sector. This will demand a workforce proficient in the manufacturing of such devices and their components
Sources: Press articles; KPMG in India analysis, NSDC
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