Why Internship?

1)The better way to prepare students for the workplace is to give them real work exposure while they are studying on campus.

2)Students are conceptually learning almost all the technology used by the industry today in their academic syllabus. What is missing is “Real-time application and Hands-on experience” which is required in workplace.

3)The gap can be filled with the support of CSSDC and ISSDC who can provide students real-time application knowledge and skill with Industry credentials.

4)CSSDC and ISSDC have come forward to provide Virtual Internship for students making them within reach of anyone who wants to set themselves apart in the world of technology.

Benefits to Interns:

1) Exposure to Real Business Environment
2) Enhance their Theoretical Knowledge with Do it Yourself Approach
3) Manage future career aspirations and decisions
4) Boost Employment prospects
6) Aware for global challenges & industry issues
7) Improves Problem solving capability

Process Involved

1)Starting from 3rd semester, students will be trained on real-time application mapping to their semester subjects (for eg: Python programming, OOPS, Web technologies, JavaScript, Mobile computing, AI, ML, Cyber Security, Big data, IOT etc)

2)Students will be given Internship activities which they have to solve and submit within 2-4 weeks. Students can take help from the Industry mentors or Department professors.

3)CSSDC / ISSDC will provide Internship certificate and performance report after successful completion of Internship activities.

4)Interns are showcased to prospective employers and facilitate the employers to hire students having internship experience.

“Skilling in addition to the general education and integration of the two with hands on experience is what is going to give the youth a job or potentially entrepreneurship”

Dr. S Ramadorai , Former Vice Chairman, TCS

Source: NSDC

Placement support for Internship Students

Internship experience and certification leads to high paid jobs for students. The responsibility of COTPOT is to showcase all the Interns to prospective employers and create suitable opportunities for them. Academic Professors and CSSDC / ISSDC will work together to create industry-ready graduates and set up long term career paths for the students.

Who Can Apply?

Students of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, MECH . Students who wish to apply for Virtual Internship, Kindly click below

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